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New Energy
Renewable Solutions
About our company

NERS, Inc. is a clean technologies company focused on commercial, municipal, and utility scale renewable energy generation. Additional products/services include energy harvesting and efficiency products along with stackable, ultra-lightweight composite shipping containers in various sizes and applications. NERS, Inc. management team is comprised of talented individuals whose background, knowledge and experience in the Alternative Energy Space are unparalleled. Our team is deeply experienced with strong established relationships in all areas of the energy industry, finance and government agencies. This experience and our powerful relationships will allow for our continued success in our further product development, distribution and the execution of our future growth. Our company’s team has established and nurtured significant business relationships within all the major areas of the energy industry and government. Our contacts allow us to participate in all markets of the United States, as well as parts of the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Our sales team is comprised of individuals whose deep experience in our industry will create further continued expansion and execution of our business throughout the different sectors of the energy field. Via our in-house team of engineers, and our strategic partnerships with other players in the clean energy world, NERS, Inc. will continue pursue projects that uphold our mission of “Clean, Renewable Energy, Now.”


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PowerBoy, Inc. will design, assemble and sell renewable energy products such as battery storage systems, portable solar kits and miscellaneous solar related retail products. Sales will be conducted through web sales and retail locations under a franchisable business model.

STF Group, Inc. – Is an IPP (Independent Power Producer) that will construct, operate and maintain commercial solar fields, and through our membership with PJM Interconnection LLC (a Regional Transmission Organization), will transfer power for sale to different markets. Additionally, the company will market through Utilities and ESCOs to maximize profits.

SpaceCube, Inc. – will manufacture composite shipping containers made with a lightweight composite Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) wall system. The SpaceCube technology will be utilized to build shipping containers (SpaceCube), temporary modular homes and disaster relief housing (Living Quarters).

NERS LAB is a Research and Development division that focuses on new renewable energy products and patentable technologies.

Our Subsidiares
STF Group

PowerBoy, Inc. will design, assemble and sell renewable energy products such as battery storage systems, portable solar kits and miscellaneous solar related retail products. Sales will be conducted through web sales and retail locations under a franchisable business model.

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Manufacturing Facility
Manufacturing Facility
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NERS Facility

NERS, Inc. has an option to purchase a Manufacturing Facility located on 75 acres. The facility is 275,000 square feet and can be enlarged as needed. Thru this facility the company will manufacture, design and distribute its products including PV panels, Solar Street lights, Solar Trackers, Solar Car Port Charging Systems and SpaceCube Custom Containers. The facility will also house the Proprietary design and manufacturing of our Energy Storage Systems and EGG systems which include Residential, Commercial and Utility scale products for the alternative energy, and utility sector. NERS, Inc. has been working with the State Department of Commerce to secure incentives and grants, in excess of $10 million, for the purchase of the property, equipment and employment of a local workforce.

Company Blog
News & Latest Projects
NEW 3 kW Loop-Wing Wind Turbine
NERS, Inc. is pleased to offer the all new revolutionary Loop Wing small wind generator with the capability to surpass all of its predecessors with its new generation development and advanced functionality. The Loop Wing is ideal for supplying up to 3000 W per turbine and up to 4000W when operated with a solar array, which is utilized best on street lights for providing self-sustainable power in urban and rural areas.
Company Blog
News & Latest Projects
EGG - residential Energy Storage System. First prototype.
EGG is a proprietary system designed to charge itself at off peak times when loads on the electrical grid ,as well as prices, are reduced and store it for later use, specifically when electricity demand and price is at a peak high. This is aimed at improving energy efficiency and, from the power generators standpoint, stabilizing operations of the electricity grid. EGG has a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery pack with 8.6 kWh capacity. Connecting the EGG directly into a homes’ distribution panel empowers the consumer to control and lower their present dependency on traditional grid energy sources at lower costs.
Company Blog
News & Latest Projects
5.4 MW Crawley Solar Field
NERS, Inc. in conjunction with subsidiary Tri-State Solar/Wind Energy, LLC developed a 5.4 MW solar conversion generating facility located in Crawley, WV, Greenbrier County. The proposed electrical generating facility will be constructed and operated by Tri-State Solar/Wind Energy, LLC as an exempt wholesale generator. Interconnection with the local utility distribution infrastructure will facilitate the movement of power generated from the facility to PJM Interconnection’s regional transmission networked market place, or will be sold through a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for a fixed term.

Head office

129 West 29th Street, New York City, New York 10001

R&D office

48 Nancy St, West Babylon, New York 11704